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[Writing Tips] ‘Say’ it when you say it

This is my biggest personal bugbear, a serious bad habit that has crept into my writing. What I say here, therefore, is as much a writing tip to myself as it is to you, readers. My characters snarl, ‘Shom, you … Continue reading

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[Writing Tips] The short sentence is your friend

I am easily bored. This is as applicable to reading as to many other things. One thing that will get me to drop a book is an overuse of long, laboured, difficult sentences. I am not terrified of big words. … Continue reading

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[Writing Tips] Supporting Characters: How to Write Them – Hallie Ephron

Read this. ———————————————————————- Originally posted on Writer’s Digest by Hallie Ephron. Excerpt: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle gave Sherlock Holmes a full panoply of supporting characters. There was Dr. Watson, the quintessential “sidekick,” to act as a sounding board; Scottish landlady Mrs. … Continue reading

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[Writing Styles] Stream-of-consciousness (and a micro-story)

WritingEarly post, and no writing tips this weekend. I am traveling over the weekend, first to catch up with the sister at DC (that’s where I am now), and then all the way back to Bangalore. Back home. This time, let’s … Continue reading

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[Writing Tips] Don’t adverb yourself

Adverbs are clumsy. Adverbs are crutches. You fall back on to adverbs when your verbs are not strong enough. Or your characters are not defined well enough. Your verbs should be strong. As should the description of your characters. So … Continue reading

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[Writing Tips] Show, Don’t Tell

Someone comes and tells you that your writing does not hold her attention. ‘There isn’t much happening’. ‘Your language is nice, the story is good, but … I could not engage with it’. Huh? But you have put in action. … Continue reading

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[Writing Tips] Writing Dialogues – how to sound convincing?

How to write convincing dialogues and internal monologues: “Great story, but the characters don’t sound convincing”. Or worse – “I could not relate to the characters”. Heard that feedback? Why do you think this is happening to your story and … Continue reading

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