Don’t third-person this. Please. Don’t third-person this.

Okay dammit, I won’t third-person this.

But I will ramble, okay? Talking about myself and all that. Forgive the self-indulgence.

I do third-person myself sometimes. But that’s at LinkedIn. Enough to say that I have a full-time job. I am not a ‘corporate-slave-by-day’. I like my job, and not just the paycheck (I effin’ LOVE my paycheck, so help me God). If my books ever made enough money for me to quit , I still won’t.

I haven’t written a book (of course).

I am a struggling writer, and this self-aggrandizing corner of internet-verse is to showcase that part of me. Retweets are not… ahem, wrong place.

I write a weekly column on Fictional Characters, at The New Indian Express. It’s called ‘Tween The Covers – click here to read them.

I used to previously write another weekly column on Detective Fiction there, called ‘It’s A Crime!’. Go here to read those.

Also, my short stories and opinion pieces have been published in newspapers, and online & print literary journals in India and Singapore –

That counts to 12 accepts. How do ya like ’em apples?

I have often been asked what one has to do to get published in literary journals such as these. I am very far from being an expert, but one should never let go of a a chance to give gyaan, so I had once written down some observations for the blog of my literary alma mater, Bangalore Writers Workshop. You can find it here (On getting published in Literary Magazines – BWW blog). There are very few things in life that can top being considered blog-worthy by teachers at your alma mater. I continue to be a community member of the Bangalore Writers Workshop.

Since I am on this ego-trip, let me carry on:

I am a lapsed quizzer, notably having been a semi-finalist at the “University Challenge” Quiz (2003-04) televised on BBC World, an a semi-finalist at the Commonwealth Games sports quiz, “Sports Ka Superstar” (2010) televised on DD National. Yep, I’ve been on TeeVee! Imagine that!

I collect antique sports books (am a Wisdeniac), and am a bloody special EPL fantasy football player (Fantasy Football Hall Of Fame and all that).

What else? Bangalore is home. Asansol, a quaint town on the Bengal-Jharkhand border, was home. Proud Bangalorean. Proud Bengali. Speaker or poor Kannada, dreadful Spanish and pristine Bengali. Masochistic fan of such sporting institutions as Arsenal FC, Mohun Bagan, Dallas Mavericks, Pete Sampras and the Indian Test cricket team. Blogged about sports for a long while here, but that blog is dormant now.

Go on, say hi. I’m nice and all that.

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