Rorschach / Watchmen / Alan Moore [‘Tween The Covers: New Indian Express]

02 August 2017

Rorschach. Heavens, Rorschach really stays with you. Just the experience of seeing a panel with Rorschach on it — it’s visceral. It’s a punch in the gut, and the pain lingers. I read Watchmen for the first time maybe ten years ago, and I might have forgotten little details right now but every panel that featured Rorschach is branded into the memory.

Watchmen is one of the 100 best novels of the last century. A comicbook, or a graphic novel if you will. No, It’s THE graphic novel. The line on the sand. It was first serialised in September 1986, and the world of comicbooks would never be the same again. Then came The Dark Knight Returns, and that sealed and confirmed the new age of the comicbook. Darker. Not a release from the real-life, but indeed, the real-life itself, in all its hideous glory. And Rorschach, all 5 feet 6 inches, all 140 pounds of brutal, cruel, merciless, super-judgmental, murdering masked vigilante of him, is that entire transformation to a darker comicbook, made flesh. Or panel. It’s complex — if you root for Rorschach, what would that tell you about yourself? This is, in a way, your own Rorschach test.

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Shom Biswas is a writer from India. @Spinstripe
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