Sabbatical / Recommendations [It’s a Crime: New Indian Express]

14 September 2016

Okay, time for a break.

I have been writing this detective / mystery fiction recommendation column for almost ten months now, and now is the time for a sabbatical. You would not find my column here for the next three weeks. But as the former Governator of the state of California would have said, ‘I’ll be baack’!

But while I am on my break, here are a couple of quasi-recommendations. Here are a few interesting writers of mystery / crime and detection whom I have been reading off-and-on during this last year. I have not yet been familiar enough with their works to write a full recommendation of them, but I shall be in time.

Read the recommendations here.

About Shom

Shom Biswas is a writer from India. @Spinstripe
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