The Shadow of the Wind / Carlos Ruiz Zafon [It’s a Crime: New Indian Express]

17 August 2016

The Shadow of the Wind is my favourite book to recommend. I have suggested this book to highbrow literary folks when they have asked me for a thriller or a mystery story with literary merit that they can immerse into; to the regular thrill-a-minute readers asking for something a little exotic but up to their taste; to the fans of the classics that have asked for modern classics which, say, feel like Dumas; and to the translation junkie who wants to see a different place and a different time.

The story starts in Barcelona in 1945. Barcelona is still in a state of healing and rebuilding after the devastation of the Spanish Civil War. Daniel Sempere is ten years old, and is grieving for his mother who passed a few years ago. His father, a bookseller, has a secret. He is one of the few patrons of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books – a secret library in the back-alleys of Barcelona, a shrine of sorts, of books; exceptional, but forgotten and out of print. Patrons of this library are the bibliophiles of Barcelona, who have curated and kept alive this place for ages. New patrons to the library, are expected to look around and decide on a book, which they will take, protect and treasure for their lives. The senior Sempere decides to take Daniel to the library….

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