Ken Follett / Eye of the Needle [It’s a Crime: New Indian Express]

15 June 2016

Ken Follett’s ‘Eye of The Needle’ is the best thriller every written.

I made this bold announcement with a group of regular readers of thrillers, mystery and detection. We didn’t have an agreement – some mentioned the popular ‘The Day of the Jackal’ or ‘The Silence of the Lambs’. Some forwarded the claims of the lesser known, ‘The Brotherhood of the Rose’ and ‘The Shadow of the Wind’. But none in the forum thought that I was ridiculous with my suggestion.

The spy novel is a fascinating genre – I think Graham Greene’s seat should be among the best that English Literature has to offer, and I would go to war with anyone who criticizes John Le Carre. Their spy novels, though, are not necessarily thrillers. Ken Follett, before being famous as a writer of humongous, labyrinthine and fascinating medieval historical epics, was one of the best in the spy-thriller genre. Eye of the Needle was one of the first novels written by him.

History says that the D-Day Normandy Invasion by the Allied forces was an overnight landing on Normandy in the northern coast of France through air and sea. This was one of the most critical and decisive invasions by the Allied forces against Hitler’s Axis forces. As most successful wartime attacks go, the build-up to D-Day involved subterfuge and surprise.

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