Robert Crais / The Monkey’s Raincoat [It’s a Crime: New Indian Express]

09 March 2016

In a previous article (about ‘The Fourth Protocol’ by Frederick Forsyth), I had promised to write about the on-the-edge, thrill-a-minute detective thriller, and about Robert Crais, who is one of my favourites in that genre. So today, I write about ‘The Monkey’s Raincoat’, my favourite novel by Crais, which introduced the protagonists, Elvis Cole and Joe Pike to the world.

Timid, hesitant Ellen Lang’s husband and nine-year-old son have gone missing, and she is worried. She and her friend Janet Simon visit LA private investigator Elvis Cole, to help find him. Cole takes the case – one cannot be too much of a chooser in this detective lark, but he anticipates this to be one of those standardfare infidelity suits. The hunch is further strengthened when he hears that Mort, Lang’s husband, had a girlfriend, Kimberley Marsh. Mort Lang is a Hollywood agent by profession, and was perhaps mixed up with a shady bunch of people. Nevertheless, the case is nothing out of the ordinary just yet.

Read the rest of it here.

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Shom Biswas is a writer from India. @Spinstripe
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