Val McDermid / A Place of Execution [It’s a Crime: New Indian Express]

30 December 2015

How do you like your detective fiction? If you are fond of a juicy, complex, onion-like plot which unravels slowly and methodically, and yet is so compelling that you have to keep turning those pages, I have a recommendation for you today.

A Place of Execution by Val McDermid is a crafted, intricate piece of detective writing. Excellent character development, and a twist in the tale that shakes the reader. It moves at a deliberate pace, but never meanders, and is definitely not lethargic.

Alison Carter went missing in 1963, one among a handful of young girls that went missing in Britain around that time. That event especially moved Catherine Heathcote, who was at about Alison’s age at that time, and was staying at a village just like Scardale, where Alison Carter used to live. Now, 25 years later, Heathcote, now an ambitious journalist, encounters the now-retired George Bennet, formerly of the Derbyshire police, who had led the investigations to the Carter disappearance. She persuades Bennet to co-write his memoir – a true-crime story about how he and his partner Tommy Clough had gone about solving the case and convicting Alison Carter’s paedophile stepfather of the crime. Heathcote’s manuscript of this story forms Part 1 of the book. 

Read the rest of the piece here.

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