[Reading Recommendation] Labyrinths – by Philip John

Philip John is an ad-man and a writer. A sensitive, super-observant writer of very-short stories, he has turned the whole writing / publishing sphere on its head with Labyrinths, his Facebook blog of 300-odd word short stories – one every day. He has nearly 3000 readers and an almost devoted fan-following. Some stalkers too, surely?

I am a fan.

Full disclosure: I know Phil, and have even had a drink with him a couple of times. He is a teacher at BWW, though he never taught me.

About Shom

Shom Biswas is a writer from India. @Spinstripe
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2 Responses to [Reading Recommendation] Labyrinths – by Philip John

  1. Ariadna says:

    One a day ? Wowww ! Thank you for sharing will look into his FB page.

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