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[Short Story] The Smell of the Land

The proudest moment of my brief literary career was when a short story I wrote was selected for the super-prestigious Quarterly Literary Review Singapore. I am still basking in the glory of that moment, even though it has been more than … Continue reading

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Love of the Common People: Published at UnBound

The last couple of weeks have been a complete nightmare, thus the hiatus from facebook and elsewhere (more on that later). But if there has been one excellent thing that happened, it is this. The first edition of the eMagazine … Continue reading

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[Reading Recommendation] Labyrinths – by Philip John

Philip John is an ad-man and a writer. A sensitive, super-observant writer of very-short stories, he has turned the whole writing / publishing sphere on its head with Labyrinths, his Facebook blog of 300-odd word short stories – one every … Continue reading

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[Writing Tips] The short sentence is your friend

I am easily bored. This is as applicable to reading as to many other things. One thing that will get me to drop a book is an overuse of long, laboured, difficult sentences. I am not terrified of big words. … Continue reading

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[Writing Tips] Supporting Characters: How to Write Them – Hallie Ephron

Read this. ———————————————————————- Originally posted on Writer’s Digest by Hallie Ephron. Excerpt: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle gave Sherlock Holmes a full panoply of supporting characters. There was Dr. Watson, the quintessential “sidekick,” to act as a sounding board; Scottish landlady Mrs. … Continue reading

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[Writing Styles] Stream-of-consciousness (and a micro-story)

WritingEarly post, and no writing tips this weekend. I am traveling over the weekend, first to catch up with the sister at DC (that’s where I am now), and then all the way back to Bangalore. Back home. This time, let’s … Continue reading

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